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Law Firm Website Design For Attorneys Who Want To Stand Out From The Crowd And Dominate Their Market

Law firm website design is the core of legal web marketing today. Virtually all web marketing activities are aimed at driving internet traffic to a website. The better the website design, the more successful the law firm’s internet marketing will be. A law firm website has a very important and very specific job—to produce more clients for the firm. Law Firm website design is one of our specialties.

You’re here because you want more clients. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars monthly on television advertising that generally produces very low-quality cases. You could waste thousands of dollars on outdated phone book display advertising that becomes less effective each year.

Or you can invest in a state of the art website that often outperforms every other form of marketing. With one of our amazing law firm websites combined with our expert web marketing, you will be on your way to dominating your market.

Our law firm website designs are unique and will help you stand out from the crowd. The first goal in web marketing is to get noticed. If no one notices you, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your marketing plan is. We custom-design each law firm website to perfectly reflect each individual law practice and each individual market. Exceeding expectations and over-delivering on value.

It’s EASY to find out about our website design services for attorneys. With just a little information, we’ll provide you a free quote on a new custom website, or an estimate to “rehab” your current website to make it productive for you.

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Our Law Firm Website Design Solutions Attract Your Target Audience of Prospects, Generate New Clients Leads
And Increase Revenue

Our clients agree that Zen Rocket Web Marketing helped them grow their practice with a great website design and powerful internet marketing.

  • Websites That Attract Prospects

    Our websites are professionally-designed, user-friendly, and fully Search Engine Optimized to attract your target audience of prospective clients.

  • Generate New Client Leads

    Website design that attracts your target clients and guides them to the information they need, and inspires them to call your office or submit and online inquiry.

  • Increase Revenue

    More cases means more revenue.

Put Our Law Firm Website Design Experience To Work For You

Law firm website design is one of our specialties. Our award-winning website design team creates beautiful, user-friendly law firm websites that attract and engage your target audience of prospective clients. Our websites are designed with website visitors—the prospective clients—in mind.

Data shows you only have a few seconds to capture the visitors attention before they click away to another law firm website.

Data shows you only have a few seconds to capture the visitors attention before they click away to another law firm website. We design websites to capture the visitors attention and to lead them through “the funnel” toward taking the desired action of calling or submitting a web form for a consultation. In order to capture the visitor’s attention and to persuade them to remain on your website, a website must immediately address their threshold questions (without giving legal advice) and provide the visitor an incentive to contact the law firm.

In most instances, prospective clients do not plan ahead. They start searching for legal representation only after the need arises. They frequently perform their research after hours when calling the law office is not an option. The law firm’s website must be able to shoulder the responsibility of escorting the visitor down a digital pathway to the point where the visitor decides to initiate contact. Along the way, the visitor will decide to stop searching and to pursue the source that provided hope of a solution.

Our digital content creative team has mastered the art of discovering the essential threshold issues that captivate law firm website visitors, while shining a light on the law firm’s unique advantages with compelling website content laid out in a logical and effective digital pathway.  The result?  More clients.

We Handle Everything For You

There’s a lot more to managing a website than just hiring a website designer. You have to monitor performance, keep security protocols up to date, perform daily backups, update software (and repair conflicts and errors that occur as a result of software updates), monitor and analyze website traffic data to see where your visitors are coming from and how they’re finding your website, and many other regular tasks. Not to mention the fact that it is absolutely crucial to consistently add new content to your website in order to preserve and improve rankings on Google and other search engines. It’s a lot of work.

Not to worry. We take care of everything for you! it’s all included in our services. Plus we send you a detailed monthly report to show you how your website is performing, along with any recommendations we might have to improve your results.

How’s that for EASY?    So what are you waiting for?

FAQs About Our Law Firm Website Design Services

Attorney marketing in many markets is extremely competitive. That is also true for attorney marketing on the internet. A key aspect of a successful website in any industry, is to focus on the website visitor’s burning questions. The questions and concerns of people searching for a lawyer are very unique. We are experts at drilling down to identify the most effective ways to capture the attention of law firm website visitors.