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Law firm marketing is a highly specialized area of internet marketing. The optimal website design and the best web marketing strategy vary depending on the field of practice, the level of sophistication of the clients, the geographic area and other important factors. Proper evaluation and consideration of each of those outcome-determinative factors is absolutely crucial for serious web marketing success.

We are experts at developing websites for attorneys and in implementing online law firm marketing strategies to take virtually any law practice to a level of online market domination. Our award-winning website design team will create the ultimate website to represent your law practice on the web.

Our strategic marketing teams will then drive targeted traffic to your website from search engines and social media. The result? More clients!

Our team of expert marketers will thoroughly research your market and your competition to develop a powerful web marketing strategy to dramatically grow your practice. We monitor and guide your marketing plan daily; and we provide weekly or monthly detailed analytics reports.

It’s EASY to find out about our Expert Web Marketing Services for Attorneys.


Law Firm Marketing To Your Target Audience of Prospects That Attracts New Clients And Increases Revenue

  • 01 Website Design for Law Firms
    Our award-winning website design team will create the perfect website to showcase your law firm on the internet, and to serve as the cornerstone of a comprehensive web marketing campaign to produce a continuous source of new clients.
  • 02 Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms
    All Zen Rocket Web Marketing websites include built-in SEO. On-going SEO services are included in order to optimize all new content and to make adjustments to SEO due to frequent algorithm changes may potentially have a negative impact on your website.
  • 03 Social Media Marketing for Law Firms
    LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ are essential website traffic generators for most law firms. Some law firms can also benefit from Twitter. We create custom social media pages for your law firm and we post regular updates of relevant content.

  • 04 Video Marketing for Law Firms
    Video is the most powerful type of internet content. We customize a video channel for your law firm and we regularly upload new video content relevant to your law practice. We can assist you in professional studio production video, as well as high-quality, low-cost video.
  • 05 Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Law Firms
    Pay-per-click marketing is the single fastest method of directing substantial targeted traffic to your website. PPC advertising is offered on several platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. PPC offers the opportunity to reach a highly-targeted audience, with complete control over costs on a daily basis, without any long-term commitment.
  • 06 Reputation Management for Law Firms
    We proactively monitor the internet and social media to track your online reputation. We assist your law firm in requesting and obtaining positive online reviews and ratings. In the event a negative listing is discovered, we immediately notify you and begin working to correct, remove or neutralize that listing to protect your law firm’s reputation.

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Put Our Law Firm Marketing Experience To Work For You

Law firm marketing, like a legal case, does not just happen on its own. When you take on a new case, you undoubtedly spend time conducting legal research and developing a strategy for achieving your client’s desired outcome. Do you recall times when you faced an opposing counsel who seemed chronically ill-prepared or who seemed not to grasp the weaknesses or merits of his case?

The same is applicable to law firm marketing. Simply publishing a website to the internet is analogous to filing a complaint in court. It announces your presence, but nothing significant is going to happen without the a strategic plan to convert your pleadings into a judgment. In marketing your law firm, you must have a plan for regularly publishing creative content, such as articles (or blog posts), video, and other things relevant to prospective clients. But what good is that creative content if no one sees it? That’s why you need a plan for driving traffic to your website.

Successful law firm marketing requires a strategic plan that is continually “corrected” to achieve the best possible outcome for your law practice.

That traffic is your prospective clients. In order to reach as many prospective clients as possible, it is necessary to cultivate traffic from multiple sources–including social media, search engine optimization, and paid advertising. Consistency across all channels is very important. Analytic data shows us the best sources of traffic, the type of content that most interests your website visitors, and the most efficient and cost-effective ways of reaching them.

The fact is that web marketing can mean the difference between “getting by” and enjoying massive success. If you don’t have a strong presence on the internet, you are undoubtedly losing a fortune every year.  Isn’t it time to invest in your practice with expert web marketing?

We Do It All For You

You didn’t go to law school to learn how to be a web marketer. Your time is best spent generating income from new and existing client matters.

Let the experts at Zen Rocket Web Marketing handle the marketing side of your practice so that you can rest easy knowing that your marketing is in good hands.

We research your market and your competition. We craft unique ads and marketing content to attract your target audience. We monitor the analytics daily to constantly improve targeting and results.

From SEO, social media, paid advertising, reputation management and content creation, we do it ALL for you.

How’s that for EASY?    So what are you waiting for?

FAQs About Our Law Firm Marketing Services

Attorney marketing in many markets is extremely competitive. That is also true for attorney marketing on the internet. A key aspect of a successful website in any industry, is to focus on the website visitor’s burning questions. The questions and concerns of people searching for a lawyer are very unique. We are experts at drilling down to identify the most effective ways to capture the attention of law firm website visitors.