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Healthcare marketing is a highly competitive and specialized field of marketing. The vast majority of physicians and dentists utilize marketing agencies that do not specialize in this area, and those agencies do not understand the proper way to target prospective patients. The result is that those healthcare practices are wasting marketing dollars to reach a more general web audience as opposed to a targeted audience of actual prospective patients.

We have developed highly specialized strategies to identify prospective patients and to present treatment options to them at just the right time. We utilize social media and video marketing to educate and inform prospective patients to develop trust and confidence in, and demand for, a specific doctor or dentist. The results have been and continue to be astounding.

We are experts at developing patient-friendly websites for doctors and dentists. Our integrating marketing system allows us to greatly expand virtually any medical or dental practice to a level of online market domination. Our award-winning website designers and our certified healthcare marketing team are experts in developing the ultimate web marketing plan to reach your prospective patients and converting them into new patients.

Healthcare marketing is now recognized as an essential aspect of the practice. For a while, physicians and dentists resisted the move toward marketing their professional services. Now, more than ever, healthcare practitioners have come to appreciate the public benefits, as well as the business value, to be achieved through marketing.

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Our web marketing solutions for healthcare providers will attract your target audience of prospective patients, generate new patient contacts and increase revenue.

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Planning is essential in marketing. A haphazard approach leads to inconsistency in messaging, unreliable results, much greater cost and much less return on investment. A strategic marketing plan consists of a logical and methodical framework for achieving your marketing goals over a specific period of time. It also will establish priorities and a schedule of marketing activities and processes that complement each other in order to maximize results.

A well-crafted healthcare practice marketing plan should include educational and informative communications, as well as business marketing communications. This approach greatly enhances the reputation and credibility of the practice. Analytic data will reveal the most effective ways to reach your prospective patients online; and it will show the best ways to reach that audience through search engine optimization, social media and paid advertising.

Approximately 83% of healthcare practices have no marketing plan whatsoever. Less than 10% of have a marketing plan for the internet. In other words, a healthcare practice that implements a strategic marketing plan has an excellent opportunity to establish itself as a leader in that local market.

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Healthcare web marketing is an area of specialty. We’ll sit down with you and design a web marketing plan to accomplish your marketing goals within the budget you set. Our team of expert healthcare marketers will take care of the rest so you can focus on your practice.

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FAQs About Healthcare Web Marketing

Healthcare practice marketing is extremely competitive in most areas of the country. It is absolutely crucial to have a well-coded website with a design that engages prospective patients. We are experts at drilling down to identify the most effective ways to capture the attention of lhealthcare website visitors.
In the vast majority of cases, the answer is “no”. We can design your website to accommodate all of your offices and all of your practitioners and staff–by location, practice area(s) and/or other characteristics.
No, All Zen Rocket Web Marketing websites are fully-responsive. That means our websites look great on every device. We build it right in to the website coding, It’s just one more reason Zen Rocket Web Marketing websites are an exceptional value. We’ve found that a large percentage of patients access the healthcare providers website from mobile devices.
Typically, websites are completed in approximately 2 weeks, but it also depends on the complexity of the project. It depends on the project. The website design process usually takes a few days. The actual coding takes about 1 week. Add in some time for modifications that you might request, testing of the website, and miscellaneous extras here and there, and we’re in the 2 to 3 week range,
All websites are delivered fully search engine optimized. There is no additional charge for that. However, SEO has to be monitored and maintained weekly. We also maintain your SEO as part of our included services, and we provide a detailed monthly report so you can see just how well your website is performing.
Absolutely. We build website level protection into every website and we host our websites on high-speed, secure servers with a 99.9% iup-time guarantee. Each website is backed up daily and we maintain a redundant server configuration==meaning that if a server crashes, a duplicate of your entire website is already sitting on another server. You probably will never even notice the crash. Of course, no one can guarantee 100% security–and we don’t either. But our servers are protected with premium, state of the art security technology.
Absolutely. We fully support all of our websites. Support is also provided as an included service. There are no additional charges for service calls or submitting service tickets.
No. We don’t offer that as an option. We have found that it creates too many issues and we have no control over security on your server. We host our websites on our servers so that we can monitor speed, security, traffic and other data.